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TT Elite Series Betting & Odds - Table Tennis Betting at Stake

The TT Elite Series is one of the world's leading international table tennis tournaments. Based in Poland, the Series invites the best table tennis players from around the world to participate in the event to win prizes.

All the action is then live-streamed on YouTube, which is perfect for those who wish to tune into the live action from different parts of the world.

Betting on the TT Elite Series and more international table tennis tournaments couldn’t be easier at, as we offer a range of markets and lots of betting options for you to consider. After depositing units into your account, you can get started with TT Elite Series betting right away.

Find out what you need to know about TT Elite Series betting at and how to make a profit from table tennis betting this season.

Format & Schedule of the TT Elite Series

The TT Elite Series is one of the calendar's most significant table tennis events. The organisers put on 100 two-day tournaments in which players from all around the world compete for coveted cash prizes and continental recognition.

Entries are open to amateur and professional players alike, and at least six professional players compete on the calendar in each TT Elite Series tournament.

The tournaments occur at the Sports Hall Complex “Czestochowa,” one of Poland's largest sports hall arenas, with a capacity of 7,000 seats.

Every heat in the table tennis tournament is available to live stream on YouTube, making it accessible to viewers from around the world. This also presents sports bettors with ample opportunity to place a number of live, in-play bets, as we will explain shortly.

Participating Players in the TT Elite Series

The TT Elite Series is the perfect place for the best table tennis players in Europe to showcase their skills, although the series does attract players from different parts of the world, too.

Bartosz Such of Poland is one of the highest-profile players in the TT Elite Series. He is a competitor in Poland’s Super League with his current club Fibrain KU AZS Politechnika Rzeszow.

Carlo Rossi of the Italian Super League is another standout competitor. At the same time, Jordy Piccolin, Michael Tauber, and Pavel Platonov are all big names that compete in the TT Elite Series throughout the year.

Given its allure for some of the best players in Europe and the fact that it’s so accessible to fans thanks to its broadcast live on YouTube, the TT Elite Series is the ideal table tennis for betting, and we explain some of the different table tennis bets you can place at below.

How to Bet on TT Elite Series & Bet Types

Betting on the TT Elite Series couldn’t be easier at, and there are several betting options and bet types that you can place to increase your potential winnings. Learn more about how to bet on your favourite sports with our tips and discover the following table tennis betting types:

Moneyline (Head to head)

The easiest way to bet on table tennis is to place a moneyline (head-to-head) bet . Here, your job is to place a bet on one player to defeat another, and it’s perhaps the best way to get started when you’re first planning a bet on the TT Elite Series. Understanding this bet is simple, and games are usually exciting, so you get to enjoy the action as you sweat your bet.

Correct score

Table tennis matches are played in a best-of-five set format, meaning you can place a correct score bet on the outcome. For instance, if one player is a dominant favourite, you might consider placing a 3-0 correct score bet on the fixture in anticipation of their victory. This makes sense if the odds of victory in a moneyline bet are unattractive.

Over/Under (Total points)

Each game within a table tennis set is first to eleven points. Therefore, you can bet on how many points you think will be scored in a particular set and whether the number will be under or over the total points line set by the sportsbook.

Handicap bets

To level the playing field, you can place a handicap bet on table tennis. Here, the favourite is given a handicap, while the underdog is given a head start. If you back the favourite, they will need to overcome the handicap to win the match if your bet is to be successful.

Double result (1st set/match)

In a double result bet on the TT Elite Series, you can bet on the result of the first set and then the entire match. Naturally, you need to get both predictions correct if you’re to win your bet, which is why it’s given the name double result.

Set bets

As table tennis is a game of sets, you can place a bet on the outcomes of each of the sets within a fixture. For instance, you can pick the winner of specific sets or place a wager on the exact number of sets to be played.

Live Betting Options for TT Elite Series Games

As the TT Elite Series is available to live stream on YouTube, it presents countless live betting opportunities on the go for table tennis fans. For instance, you can bet on who will win the next point and set and match specific bets.

You can check your account for all the latest live table tennis betting markets, providing you with the perfect opportunity to bet on the action as it’s unfolding in front of you. We also run a wide range of betting promotions regularly, so you can be sure to always get the best betting experience on your favourite domestic and international sports.

Betting Odds & Payouts for TT Elite Series Bets

When you bet on the TT Elite Series at, you will see the odds represented as fractions (3/1), decimals (3.0) or in the American format (+300). You can decide how you would like to see the odds represented and adjust the settings accordingly in your account.

Thanks to an effortless cryptocurrency deposit process, deposits and payouts are instant, enabling you to access your winnings right away.

Why Bet on the TT Elite Series at

The TT Elite Series provides table tennis fans with the perfect opportunity to live stream the action from Poland while placing a wide number of bets on the outcomes of hotly contested matches. is the ideal place to bet on the TT Elite Series, and you can get started today by adding several cryptocurrencies to your account before placing your bets.