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Bandy Betting Odds, Live Betting Markets & Tips

Bandy is a winter ball sport played on ice, and is fusion between ice hockey and soccer . The game includes two teams of 11 using sticks and a ball, the idea is to score goals in the opponent’s goal.

The team sport is played over two 45-minute periods, and a bandy field (called a rink) is similar in size to a football pitch, with perimeter boarding to prevent the ball from going out of play.

Bandy is most popular in European countries such as Russia, but is also a regular winter sport in Scandinavia and the US. As such, it has now been recognised by the International Olympic Committee but has yet to be included in any Olympics, owing to its similarity to other sports.

With that being said, the sport’s popularity remains high with regular season games, which has created great interest in bandy betting. Stake Sportsbook offers a wide range of betting lines and markets, as this article explains.

Major Bandy Leagues and Tournaments

Most of the big bandy leagues exist in Russia and Scandinavia, however there has been growing popularity in North America. The best-known bandy tournaments and leagues include:

How to Bet on Bandy and Bet Types

You can enjoy bandy betting in various markets, just like any other sport, at

  • Match winner – select which of the two teams you think will win the game. This is perhaps the easiest of all bets you can place.

  • Handicap – the oddsmakers will even the playing field by adding a virtual handicap to the favourites. If you back the favourite, they must win the match by a margin of at least the handicap.

  • Outright – For any of the top competitions we list above, you can place a bet on which team will win the event outright. The odds will be more favourable the earlier you place them (i.e. before the tournament gets underway).

  • Over/Under total goals – Stake sets a line which it believes will be the total number of goals to be scored. Your job is to decide if it will end up being more or less.

  • Correct score – predict the exact score of a game within the given time limit (this may include extra time).

  • Props – some prop bets are available that have no bearing on the result. Look out for markets like the first goalscorer or who will finish as a tournament’s top scorer.

Bandy Betting Tips and Strategies for Success

Knowledge is power in most walks of life, and sports betting is no different. The more you know about bandy, the more likely your bandy betting will be successful.

Here are some general tips that will increase your chances of making a profit:

  • Understand the match rules and tournament formats, so you know what’s going on and can spot opportunities in the market.

  • Follow the sport’s news to know if there are key injuries or suspensions of valuable players or if a team is enduring a horrendous or excellent run of form.

  • Study data as analysing stats can help you spot trends that the oddsmakers at Stake might have missed.

  • Watch the games! Nothing adds to your experience more than watching bandy matches – plus, they’re great fun.

Keep up to date with more of our sports betting tips for upcoming matches on Stake!

Live Betting Options for Bandy

Many top bandy games are televised live in Russia and Scandinavia. That usually means wherever you are in the world, you can find a live stream.

With live action comes the betting opportunity to take advantage of live betting streaming, where the odds change second by second as the action unfolds on the rink.

Live betting is a great way to heighten your enjoyment of the sport, and you might often have fun markets to try, like predicting who the next goalscorer will be over the designated period of time.

Betting Odds and Payouts for Bandy

Whatever your preference for reading odds, has you covered. Here are the odds formats that you can select when you visit the platform:

  • Decimal

  • Fractional

  • US Moneyline

  • Hong Kong

  • Malaysian

  • Indonesian

Wagering requirements will vary depending on the game. If you already have an account with Stake, you’ll know how easy our deposit method is through crypto funds. Withdrawing winnings is just as fast because you use the same crypto process.

Why Bet on Bandy at

Stake is the world’s largest online casino and sportsbook that uses cryptocurrency for bets. This means everything is transparent and fast, making Stake your go-to bandy betting site. We also have a range of bet bonuses and promotions on our sportsbook to ensure you're getting the ultimate betting experience.

With the sport remaining super popular in Russia and throughout the Nordic countries, there is plenty of tournament action for you to study and make your wagering predictions on the bandy season.